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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our new site. We created this site to share with you our do-it-yourself design for a simple, yet very effective self-watering garden container. This is a project that we worked on for fun. We like to design things with a special emphasis on SIMPLE. Simple is good. So allow me to give you the basics…

  • In our series of videos we will show you how to make 9 self-watering garden pots in 20 minutes for $22.50 (total for all of the pots).
  • Compare this with purchasing a single self watering garden pot for $35 to $40 online.
  • Not only is our design absolutely simple, it’s better. Yes, this is our opinion, so tell us what you think!
  • A key aspect of our self-watering garden pots is the “Water Distribution Bucket”. This bucket (actually two buckets combined) is the only place that you water.
  • The Water Distribution Bucket is connected to all of the other buckets and water flows freely between the buckets.
  • The benefits include less weeding, less water, convenience, you get more done in less time, and it’s perfect for people with less than ideal gardening space.

Finally, I have to say that it’s fun. It’s not hard, even for people who are not technically minded. So if you want to grow your own fantastic vegetables with less work, give it a try. Less us know what you think!


Glenn Meder & Shay Campbell
Lincoln, NE


  • Garden Gal

    Where are the rest of the videos ?

  • Garden Gal

    You also mentioned you would give a link to purchase the float. It’s not mentioned in any of the seven videos so far; so will the other videos be available soon.

  • http://twitter.com/TimingCharts Shay Campbell

    The float and other supplies needed for this build can be found in the ‘Supply List’ post here: http://www.vegetablegardencontainer.com/step1-supplylist/

    More videos are being made to complete the series. Subscribe to our updates to be notified when the next video comes available.

  • jayess99

    so what do we do next? Fill the buckets with dirt? And if the first one absorbs all the available water, how will the successive buckets get any water? Further, is this type of watering going to permeate up into the soil to the plant roots? Is that a natural phenomenon? Any more information will be appreciated. This system looks great and I appreciate you shariing it with us. Thanks. jayess99

  • Garden Gal

    It does look like a great system; just a little disappointed that we have to wait for the other video to become available. I really want to know how you prevent the soil from becoming totally waterlogged, which would clog the tubes leading to the next bucket.

    • Shay Campbell

      Hey Garden Gal, wanted to let you know the final video has been added.

      You wanted to know why the soil doesn’t get too waterlogged in a previous message. The simple answer is the soil will only take on enough water to keep it moist. Since the water level in the bucket may only be 1 1/2 to 2 inches or so and the bucket is about 14 inches tall, you don’t have to worry about the soil taking on too much water.

      As the plants use the moisture, and evaporation occurs, the water will continuously replenish from the water supply bucket.

      If anything, the problem you may run into is getting the water to wick to the top of the bucket. Even this shouldn’t be a problem If you mix plenty of peat moss into your planting mix. Be sure to pack it down. I also like to add vermiculite and perlite into mine but I’m not really convinced it’s necessary.

  • Garden Gal

    Sorry to keep coming back on this; but you ask us (gardeners) to give it a try and let you know what we think. However, it’s the last step (video) that I’m waiting for. Meanwhile, I really can’t try it out until that last bit of vital information is available. Thanks.

  • Garden Gal

    I subscribed to your updates, but have never received anything; I’m still not understanding how the water can flow to each bucket without the lines getting clogged with soil.

  • vegetablegardencontainer

    A video showing how to plant the buckets will be available in the next few days. We just filmed it a few days ago and need to edit and upload. I’m glad to see so much enthusiasm for gardening as we head into winter :-)

    Please share with us your planters. We would love to see some pics. Also, if anyone is planting indoors this winter, please share your setup and equipment used. The container buckets would be great for indoor growing, the lighting is the tricky part.

  • vegetablegardencontainer.com

    We have now uploaded our latest video showing you how to set up the inside of the buckets. Tell us what you think!

  • Adrienne

    For this system, can you use any sealed- bottom container?

    • Shay Campbell

      Sure you can Adrienne! As long as you can get the tubes to seal at the base of your container it will work. The buckets used on this site make that process easy because they are plastic and the right shape.

  • Joanie

    Can you tell me how the system responds to significant rainfall? It’s been a wickedly wet year where I live and I’m not clear how the system would deal with all that added water since it has no drainage method? Thanks.

    • Shay Campbell

      There’s a very simple solution for this. Get a plastic trash bag or plastic grocery bag to cover the top of the bucket. Just cut holes where needed to fit the plant(s). Then get a small piece of rope or zip ties and secure it around the top of the bucket.

      I just did one today, picture included, using a Home Depot bucket and 5 zip ties strung together. It worked great because the top of the bucket has several grooved rings which makes it easy to tie the bag down without it slipping up or down the bucket.

  • Maria

    Great video. Are you doing any update?

  • Maria

    Glad that I find your website. I was researching on how to attach the flow bucket to a 5gallon bucket the way the youtube video for Larry Hall https://www.youtube.com/user/larrylhall [ How To Build A Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System!] and LDSPrepper https://www.youtube.com/user/LDSPrepper [Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Made Easy] assembled their system.
    Your instruction are very clear. Thank you!!